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i thought being damaged meant only the damaged would want me, and i could only be comfortable with the damaged. boy was i wrong. you dont need someone who can necessarily relate to you in every sense, i think you need someone who will do their best to understand you, with absolutely no ulterior motives. my mother always told me that two wrongs dont make a right, and i didn’t realize how many different aspects of my life that it would apply in.

My best friend’s probably one of my biggest inspirations. She’s out gallivanting in South Africa, leaving behind her mom (she’s an only child), her boyfriend (of almost four years), and a steady source of income. I can really tell that it has been such a solidification of what she really wants to do with her life. She’s one of the most hard working, goodhearted and caring people I know, I love her so much and she deserves all of the good things that’s about to come her way.

aushawk78 asked: At least feeling horny is a good thing to go against the sad :-) horny is a great way to be :-) x

Lol thanks..